Friday, 11 June 2010

Promotional Fold Out Poster

Here is the promotional poster that I created to promote myself, the type inside my logo shows my key skills, my profile and the areas of design that I am interested in.


Questions and Answers

Here are the questions that I asked a few companies and designers such as Seb Lester, Dewynters, Elmwood, Spot NYC, Propaganda, All good design, and Lollipop creative. I also sent them a PDF of my portfolio which I asked for feedback on.

1. What makes you as a designer?

2. What is your main inspiration or inspirations that influences your design work?

3. I specialise in design for Advertising and Promotion what would be the best way to get myself into the industry?

4. What advice can you give to make myself stand out against other designers out there who are graduating?

5. I am coming out of university in June what is the best advice you can give me for a starting point that I can furthur?

Promotional Mail Shot

New and Updated Portfolio

Lemonade Illustration

I applied for the intership that was sent around college that was available to us the email that I recieved from Fred was:

I have just spoken to Vicky at Lemonade Illustration Agency. She was unable to make last night’s event because she is so short handed in the agency at the moment.
She urgently needs someone who is familiar with Photoshop and with the process of uploading images to the internet.  
Vicky recognises that this work is repetitive but the successful applicant would be seen as a potential new member of the team and would get the opportunity to experience the agency environment and get some much needed experience.  She hopes she may be able to link this opportunity to an Internship programme which means it would be quality assured.
Could any interested graduates/ imminent graduates, please send  Vicky a link to their website portfolio the email address below. If they can include a CV that would be helpful.
They should not attach any big files to their messages because it will clog up her email over the Bank Holiday weekend.
It would be great if this offer could be extended to any of your students who came to the EXIT event last night
Thank you
Lemonadeillustration agency
I responded to the email quite quickly and replied back saying:
Hi Vicky,

My name is Lauren O'Neill I'm currently in my third year studying Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art. I went to the EXIT Creative networks meeting last night I have just received your email from Bridget March about the internship opportunity to do with Photo shop etc, and I was interested in helping you and also it would improve my skills and also give me more experience in a working enviroment. Would this internship be at your Yorkshire studio or in London?

I have got a website if you would like to look through my work some of its still ongoing at the moment due to my final major project.

I have also attached a current CV.

Look forward to hearing from you,


They got back to me this week saying:
Dear Lauren
The Agency is looking to fulfil an intern/apprentice position within our Northern studio, which is the reason we replied to an email from Leeds Univ.

The role would involve:

Expenses will be paid, but not any salary for the 2 x week period.

If this is something of interest? then we would love to hear more and invite you to come for an interview at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your inquiry in the first instance.

Best regards

//  & all the team

illustration agency
I replied back to this:

Thank you for getting back to me very much appreciated.

I am still interested yes, could you tell me the dates for the internship please? I do live in Cambridge but I am willing to commute if that was possible.


The reply to this was:
Dear Lauren
We assumed you were in Leeds ( at least in accommodation )

The dates are quite flexible, as we fit internships into our diary, as suitable candidates arise.

But we need to get things underway at least interviewing. Commuting from Cambridge daily would be nearly impossible.

Best regards

//  & all the team

illustration agency
So the overall outcome wasn't as of expected I think if I was staying in Leeds it would have been more convenient.        

Creative Networks

Last week I went along to the Creative Networks evening where there was a lecture held in the lecture theatre. It was really helpful as there were four speakers who talked about life after university, their experiences and how to go about getting yourself out there and the best route to go.

They talked about Graduate websites such as Graduates Yorkshire, and Grads East. They also said that networking was an important thing and also recruitment agencies

The other thing was they told us to focus on our CV and cover letter paying attention to detail, tailor the letter with our own branding, spelling and grammer and also tailor your CV.

They also told us key points in what companies will be looking for, for undertaking employment which is

- Career focused
- Customer awareness
- Problem solving
- Communication
- Positive attitude
- Team working
- Self managment
- IT
- Enterprising individual
- Numeracy
- Planning and Organisation

After the lecture I went on to networking outside where I collected quite a few contacts.